Sunday, September 7, 2008

Point Loma Light house!

This is inside of the Light house! The stairs are so steep!
Here is Michael towards the top!
Mike and I in front of the Light house!
Michael hanging out taking a break!
Black and White pictures during a trip are always fun! The Light house is behind us!

Crazy things in California!

Ok! So, this is not that crazy but pretty! All the sail boats are fun to watch come in and out of the harbor! They are so beautiful gliding out on the water! It makes me want to go sailing!
So, we love this Chevron gas station in California because it is one of the very, very, very, very few gas stations that accept credit! Because this trip was last minute Michael and I didn't think to take any cash. So, we appreciate this Chevron for it's wonderful customer service in providing the option of credit to its customers!
So, Michael wanted me to take a picture of all of the Vespas. We came to a stop light and across the way was a huge group of Vespians! Not motercycle dudes but Vespians! ha ha It was really cool seeing all of them!
This is the U.S.S. Midway! It is a old Navy ship that you are able to take tours on! Mike and I were not able to get a tour of the ship but just standing next to it was amazing! It was really cool! When Mike and I go back to California to visit Angie we want to stop and get a tour of this huge carrier!
This ship was really cool! It makes Mike and I want to watch Pirates of the Carribean!

Fun in Cali!

Mike and I enjoying the breeze off of the ocean by the U.S. Midway!
Sea Port Village in San Diego, California!
Sea Port Village was such a blast! We enjoyed walking around, looking at all the little shops, and eating fun food and treats! They had really neat shops! Mike and I's favorite would have to be the kite shop, and the hammock store. They had bright hammocks and Michael and I enjoyed sitting in the hammocks thinking how fun it would be to bring one home! But our place is way too small for a hammock! The kites were really neat too. They had all sorts of contraptions that you could throw, fly, and launch.
Ok! So these pictures here are at Sea Port Village. The way they have all the shops set up are in like a town setting they are all close together hence making little street like sidewalks! Well every now and then in the street were these performers. These pictures are of a sword swallower, and flame eater. Well, also he could be qualified as crazy. I was one of the lucky volunteers to stand on a wooden board that was placed on top of this performer who was laying on a bed of nails! Yes, a bed of NAILS! I wasn't the only one their were three other people standing on the board with me and the two men on the side were helping all of us keep our balance. It was crazy looking down at this man's face as we stood on him on the bed of nails! I don't ever want to have to do that again. It is just a weird feeling walking away from that situation you don't feel bad, sad, happy, or joy just a feeling of nothingness. But, I will say it is kind of cool now being able to say I stood on a man who laid on a bed of nails!
This was the after I stood on the man who was on the bed of nails! You can tell my smile is a Oh my Gosh type of smile! ha ha lol