Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lunch at Serranos!

I am so excited! My friends Matt Laney and Cameron Boheme just recently came home from their missions. So, Wednesday the 26th of November we all decided to go to lunch at Serranos. We had so much fun catching up and eating food! What more could you ask for? Here I am with my good friends Sara Reheis, and Kaylene Woods.
Kaylene and I she has been my best friend since Jr. High.

Here are my two best guy friends in the whole entire world. (Besides my husband) Cameron on the left and Matt on the right.

Here are the five of us at Matt's house. It was so much fun to see everyone basically since Cameron and Matt left on their missions. I love each and everyone of them so much, I don't know what I would do without such great examples in my life. They each bring so many different strenghts to my life they will never truly know the impact they have had on me.

We used to call ourselves the Triangle in High School because we were all best friends all four years at Mesquite. We were practically inseperable. ha ha lol

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hiking at Superstition Mountain!

Michael and I decided to go hiking on Tuesday morning. Well, we decided to take the dog on his first hike. We went to Superstition Springs Mountain at the wind caves. We had such a great time and Kaiser kept us at a really good pace. The top two pictures of Michael and I we are at the top of the mountain and then my favorite pictures are of Kaiser sticking his head out the window and his little lips flying everywhere. He enjoyed sticking his head out the window on the way their but on the way home his slept all the way back and then he slept for another hour once we got home. It was so nice cause Michael and I were exhausted after the hike.

Are you the Mix 96.9 10,000 dollar Mystery Shopper???

So,three weeks ago Debra Jo and I wanted to find the Mix 96.9 10,000 dollar mystery shopper. We thought they were at Superstition Springs mall. So, I called her and asked if she wanted to come with me to find the shopper. Off we go.............
Ahhhhh I hope we find them!!! It was so cute on the car ride over we were trying to get Tyson to say the phrase " Are you the mix 96.9 10,000 dollar mystery shopper" and it was so cute he said the word are and then I turned around and said "You" and he giggled every other word of the phrase we said he giggled every time we tried to get him to say it. It was adorable.

Getting discouraged we decided to ride the carosel before we left to brighten our spirits because Tyson was roaring like a Tiger. So, we hop on and Debra Jo goes to sit him on the Tiger and he starts crying. ha ha lol It was so funny the whole ride he just clung to Debra Jo.

Never to young to ride a carosel. I rode the Unicorn. : )