Monday, November 24, 2008

Adorable Nephew of Mine!

What more can I say other than
He is such a joy and little bundle of love.
Here Tyson is trying to put my shoes on the other week at my parents house.

Here he is with the shoes on! ha ha lol He looks so cute in my shoes!
They are Gynormus on him!

My brother Taylor was playing with Tyson and Tyson kept laughing at Taylor and would put his head up close to the stair railing! I wish I could have been where Taylor was standing but I was afraid in the excitment of things he would fall!

This is my favorite one of him!

Tyson just chillin on the stairs! He is so adorable!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Boulder Colorado!

Boulder Colorado Here we come! I had the opportunity to go to Boulder this past weekend from Thursday until Sunday! For a convention called IACURH! IACURH is a leadership convention for Community Assisitants and RHA (Resident halls assistants) around the nation for University students! The theme of the convention was The legend of the hidden leadership. It was based off the old game show legend of the hidden temple. I learned so much that I can now share with my team at work and have great ideas for fun programs that will hopefully get our residents out to them. It was such a fun learning experience and I hope I am able to attend the next convention NACURH in February.
Holy Cow! Talk about squished! four of us piled into the cab of Britny's dad's truck to the air port and even better I am holding the display in the front seat cause it would fly out of the back. So, I couldn't see anything. Everyone kept teasing me and was like "Oh no were going to crash look out ahhhhhh" It was so funny and such a great experience to start off the trip!
The subway system was so cool at the air port! I have never been on one before so it was fun holding onto the polls and the hand loops at the top of the subway!

Getting ready to go on stage for our skit!


SNOW!!! It snowed Friday morning! It was Beautiful! I love their buildings at the University!
Holy Cow! Ok! So, in colorado they have the cutest chip muncks ever! And, they are so fat and plump too! I wanted to catch one and keep it! But, I wasn't fast enough so I took a picuture!

Snap shot! Hey do you like our Harry Potter Scarfs??? ha ha

University of Colorado at Boulder is Gorgeous!

Ryan, Britny, Erin, Eleanor. Chillin in the courtyard out side of the conference room waiting for a class to finish so we can quite freezing our hind ends off!

While in Colorado the Athletic Director spoke to us about being successful and during his speech we would cheer at the good parts that he spoke about. Well, he had mentioned that their basketball team was playing that night and that our energy of all those from IACURH would make a big difference at the game. Their was about 400 students total that attended IACURH. He asked if we would be interested in going to the game and we said yes! So, we all got free t-shirts that we are wearing in the picture, we got into the game for free, and he ordered all of us pizza. It was a lot of fun! And, The Buffaloes won 43 to 32. It was a great game.
This is Cyri she is from The University of Utah. She and I became good friends during the Convention.

Here is Eleanor on the left and Britny on the right. They are inseperable. I thought that this picture was cute because during the whole convention in you found Britny you found Eleanor and if you found Eleanor you found Britny. And, they wore almost the same outfits the whole time, jackets and everything. : )

You can't see it but my left hand is full of stuff and Ryan's left hand is full of stuff! We both wanted to leave a note on UofA door so we had to help each other take the cap of the marker off. Well, putting the cap back on was the most difficult and it took us about three tries to get the cap back on! We are such NERDS!!! : )

Polytechnic at ASU! Go SUN DEVILS!!! Left to right Joe, Jordan, Stephanie, Ray, Kayla, Arnold, Erin, Britny, Eleanor, Catherine, Ryan. We had such a good time at the banquet even though we didn't win anything!

Banquet in Colorado!

Britny, Arnold, Eleanor, and Erin. Arnold is the RHA president. RHA is a club on Polytechnic campus that gets involved with the community and residents when it comes to programming.
Eleanor, Erin, and Britny we were the three CA's that went out of the group. (Community Assistants)

Ryan, Arnold, Ray, Jordan, Joe. Polytechnic buddies!

ASU Tempe, and ASU Polytechnic students at the Banquet!

Bye Colorado!

Veterans Day!

Elizabeth and I at the old town resturant in Tucson.

San Xavier.
Erin and mike! In front of San Xavier!

How cute are they! What a good looking couple! : )

Erin, Mike, Adam, Liz outside in the courtyard!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Veterans Day!

Their were huge wooden pallets full of these candles lit every where. Total their were five of these all around the chapel and outside of the chapel. They light a candle for every saint that they have.
Mike and I in front of one of their dead priests! It is not a real person it is a statue of a real person. I feel really bad that I forgot the priest's name. But is one of their most importnat preists or saints that they have.

Inside the Chapel.

Mike and I in front of San Xavier! That is a real dog that was just hanging around outside of the church. It was really nice but we decided not to pet it! : )

Mike and I decided to take our Tuesday off and go to Tucson with our friends Adam and Liz Zamora! We went and saw San Xavier just 10 minutes out of Tucson. Also, because Mike had a school prodject to do! But, we had a good time!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Following!

Have you ever opened up Google and clicked on images and then searched for random memories you have of High School! Try it sometime! Don't waist a lot of time doing it just spend about 10 minutes serfing the net. It is fun to have a whole bunch of memories flud your mind of High School or your teenage years. My favorite is looking at pictures of Lighthouses, flowers, and lds temples. So, below you will find some random memories that popped into my head while I was online!

High School Memories!

Watching movies almost every other weekend was a natural accurence in High School! Cars is one of my favorites! I just love Pixar films! You can't help but Smile, Laugh, feel good, and want to enjoy life when you see a Pixar film!
My best friend Kaylene and my guy friends always wore Volcom. Ok! not always but pretty much! Volcom was on our folders, our clothes, even our shoes! ha ha

Who doesn't love pictures! We were constantly taking pictures and placing them all over our folders. We were such nerds!

Who doesn't like Avril! We loved rocking out to music with our windows down and singing at the top of our lungs along with our stereo turned up almost as loud as it could go!

Look how Big Kaiser is!

Kaiser is sleeping! I know it is hard to tell but he has gotten a lot bigger! He is so funny he loves to sprawl out over the floor when he sleeps!