Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Veterans Day!

Their were huge wooden pallets full of these candles lit every where. Total their were five of these all around the chapel and outside of the chapel. They light a candle for every saint that they have.
Mike and I in front of one of their dead priests! It is not a real person it is a statue of a real person. I feel really bad that I forgot the priest's name. But is one of their most importnat preists or saints that they have.

Inside the Chapel.

Mike and I in front of San Xavier! That is a real dog that was just hanging around outside of the church. It was really nice but we decided not to pet it! : )

Mike and I decided to take our Tuesday off and go to Tucson with our friends Adam and Liz Zamora! We went and saw San Xavier just 10 minutes out of Tucson. Also, because Mike had a school prodject to do! But, we had a good time!

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