Thursday, June 12, 2014

Our Adventure

So many wonderful things have happened this year, our family just feels so blessed. We are officially back in Arizona now and surviving the heat.... Boy is it HOT! Lexington is no longer a little baby anymore she is an infant and it makes me sad how quickly she is growing up. I just want to pause time for a moment longer so I can enjoy her sweet little face one last time. Here are some pictures of all of our craziness from this past year so far.

Lexington Grace joins the family Jan-29-2014

1 month old

Two months old
3 months old
4 months old
Nats Game! :) Last game for us attend in Virginia before the move! I love Hudson's face in this one
I LOVE my little girl's thunder thighs! :)
Touring fun and secret buildings in DC :)
Georgetown Cupcakes with the family... Hudson loves it!
Taking a nap in Georgetown because Mike and I kept my family running a mile a minute to get all the sights in in time.

One out of two original sun stone's from the Nauvoo temple after it burned down.
The National Mall hanging out as a family
The Washington Monument open and had to go to the top before we left the area.
Flight 93 Memorial with my brother Heebs!

More to come of our fun journey :)

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Debra Jo Borden said...


Love the update...especially since I hardly hear from you, now.
You're so far away - it's TERRIBLE! ...oh...wait...NEVER MIND! :)

I love that I can give you all hugs and kisses and not just virtual ones!