Saturday, June 11, 2011


I just have to say that Google is AWESOME and always comes up with the funnest things for their main web page! All time favorite, and definatley pure genusness the Google Guitar to celebrate the 96th Birthday of Les Paul.  Here is a link in case you didn't have a chance to play with the guitar.

Have a Great Day! :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

More Fun To Come...

Here are a few pictures from our trip to AZ, more to come! :) 
Hello Beautiful Desert!
 My little Brother Taylor who is not so little anymore graduated High School. Way to go lil Bro! Love you!
 The whole Family
 D-jo and I before we left to go shopping. Mike had to wait a whopping 40min before we left so D-jo and I could have some Sister time by doing our hair together. :)
 Nice Plaid Taylor... I think you should start a new trend. Maybe they could make one piece suits to wear.
 At the top of the Wind Caves, had to go on a hike while in AZ the terrain truly is Beautiful.
 Swimming with Rachel, Eric and little Robert
 Robert was having, he is such a good little sport.
 Robert and Uncle Mike playing together he loves his Uncle Mike.
 Curious Robert wanting my camera. :)
 This is my favorite shot of Robert and Rachel, we were playing with bubbles in the backyard he loved them.
 However he did not like the grass that much, :) he was so cute using his Mom's foot or let to keep as much of his body off the grass. :)

 Hungry Hippos Anyone? This is actually an extremely difficult game. Seriously I was making my Hippo eat as fast as possible and Tyson and Emmett would still win.... Taylor and I had to resort to cheating so we could say we one at least one game. :) lol (Tyson caught us though so we never actually won)
 Emmett you look so Happy here... I promise we were having a lot of fun. :)
 Spin the wheel
The Boys having fun playing pool.