Saturday, June 4, 2011

More Fun To Come...

Here are a few pictures from our trip to AZ, more to come! :) 
Hello Beautiful Desert!
 My little Brother Taylor who is not so little anymore graduated High School. Way to go lil Bro! Love you!
 The whole Family
 D-jo and I before we left to go shopping. Mike had to wait a whopping 40min before we left so D-jo and I could have some Sister time by doing our hair together. :)
 Nice Plaid Taylor... I think you should start a new trend. Maybe they could make one piece suits to wear.
 At the top of the Wind Caves, had to go on a hike while in AZ the terrain truly is Beautiful.
 Swimming with Rachel, Eric and little Robert
 Robert was having, he is such a good little sport.
 Robert and Uncle Mike playing together he loves his Uncle Mike.
 Curious Robert wanting my camera. :)
 This is my favorite shot of Robert and Rachel, we were playing with bubbles in the backyard he loved them.
 However he did not like the grass that much, :) he was so cute using his Mom's foot or let to keep as much of his body off the grass. :)

 Hungry Hippos Anyone? This is actually an extremely difficult game. Seriously I was making my Hippo eat as fast as possible and Tyson and Emmett would still win.... Taylor and I had to resort to cheating so we could say we one at least one game. :) lol (Tyson caught us though so we never actually won)
 Emmett you look so Happy here... I promise we were having a lot of fun. :)
 Spin the wheel
The Boys having fun playing pool.


becca said...

Looks like you had a blast! I'm so glad you got to visit your fam. I'm getting more and more excited to make the move :).

debrajo said...

Your pictures make me happy!