Sunday, July 12, 2009

Giggle's and Tear's!

Joe, Emily, Eric, and Rachael enjoying the skits and songs for the evening. Here are Eric's Aunt, cousin, and Uncle singing their wedding song when they were married in tribute to Rachael and Eric they did such a great job.
I loved watching Eric and Rachael's face during each skit and song; they looked so happy and were having so much fun.

Pam and Greg. These are Rachael and Eric's really good friends.

Angie and Tiffany singing their favorite child hood song. Skid a marie ke dinke dink. I doubt that is how you spell it but I tried. They did such a great job singing the song Eric and Rachael loved it.

The Adventure Begins!

Here we are Saturday Morning on June 27, 2009! Rachael and Eric had fun events planned for the morning before the wedding in the evening. So, you could either go hiking with Rachael or Mountain Biking with Eric. So, Michael and I decided to go Mountain Biking with Eric. Once we arrived to the bike rental area by the ski lift we realized Eric and his buddies were going to be riding their bike's up the mountain and then down it. A little too intense for us so we decided to take the ski lift up the mountain and then ride down. :) Don't get me wrong it still wasn't that easy we still had to do a lot of work and go up some huge hills. Here we are beginning our journey on the ski lift. Nate Tiffany's husband decided to go mountain biking as well; we all choose to stick together. It was so much fun.
The Mountains at Sundance Ski Resort are gorgeous; see the snow on top of the mountain in the middle. The weather was absolutly great we didn't even need jackets.

Here is just the mountain.

The Easy Trail!

I was trying to capture how steep this part of the ski lift was; it literally felt like we were on an elevator going straight up and the mountain face was directly in front of us. Here is a picture from behind looking out towards the mountains. See how far up the ski lift we are! Almost to the top; and then our adventure begins.

Michael and Nate; this part of the trail was really difficult because of all the loose gravel if you are not careful your front wheel will go one direction and the back will go the other.

The canyon; I took this while on the trail.

Mike is so cute. I love him.

The Steep Trail!

Here is Nate chillin on the trail. Can you see the cut in the side of the mountain where the trail goes. Cool huh. Here you can see how steep it is. Mike and I posing for a kodak moment. This trail was beautiful can you see the gorgous mountains behind us. This trail was so cool because you are surrounded by mountains and they are all visible. Where as the other trails it is more through the tree's.

See those little bushes at the bottom of the photo that is the only thing that would catch you if you were to slip off the trail with your mountain bike. It was really scary at first but you get used to it once your adrenaline gets pumping. (It was worth the scenery)

Michael had so much fun mountain biking I am so glad I choose to go with him and Nate; we had such a blast.

I have made it this far I can finish!

We are Alive!

We all made it back down the mountain! Huray! We all had so much fun. (Karen, Rachael, Eric, Nate, Erin, Michael, Tiffany, Chelsea, Aubrianna, Angie) Karen, Rachael, Eric, Nate, Erin, Michael, Tiffany, Chelsea, Aubrianna, Angie
Chelsea is so cute sitting on Nate's Mountain Bike.

Aubrianna and Angie having fun at the bottom of the mountain.

Look how cute this out doors family is! Nate, Aubrianna, Chelsea, Tiffany

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Preperation before the wedding!

Erin and Michael before the wedding. Here we are at the Horn cabin taking picture's of ourselves in front of the mirror. :) Mike is so handsome I love him. (In case your wondering about the scab on his forhead and nose it is from long boarding the day prior, lets just say he conqoured some huge hills in Salt Lake and then the assfault got him. :) lol) Carol and Kris walking down the path way by our cabin to the wedding.
Aubrianna and Chelsea, I love this picture of Chelsea because she is so excited to be a flower girl and absolutly loves her dress; it makes her look like a princess.

Here are the girls running down the pathway to the wedding I love them so much. Tiffany their mom was sweet enough to let me curl their hair.(Tiffany pulled it back and put the flowers in I only curled it) They were the best little models while sitting on the counter as I did their hair.

What an adorable little family of four. I love this picture of Tiffany, Nate, Aubrianna, and Chelsea.

The Wedding Ceramony

Here are the adorable Flower girls Aubrianna and Chelsea Ivers. Their mom Tiffany made their dresses for the wedding she did an incredible job. It looks like she bought them. Here is Greg and Eric right before the beautiful soon to be Rachael Jacoby walked downt he isle.
Aubrianna and Chelsea dropping the flowers on the isle; they did such a good job it was so cute to watch them and how seriously they took their flower girl opportunity. We love them so much

Angie reading a beautiful exerpt from a book for the beginning of the ceramony. She did such a wonderful job and she loves Rachael so much.

Rachael is so gorgeous, here her and Eric are listening to the beautiful ceramony that their best friend Greg wrote. He did such a fantastic job.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Its Picture Time! :)

Chelsea Lynn Ivers, Beautiful Bride Rachael Jacoby, and Aubrianna IversTiffany is such a gorgeous mother and Nate is such a great dad. What a beautiful couple and what fabulous parents they make to our adorable neices.

Michael and Erin enjoying the opportunity to snuggle up close for a kodak moment.

Erin Horn, Adorable neice Aubrianna, Funs sister in law Angie, second adorable neice Chelsea Lynn

Tiffany Ivers, and Angie Horn they both need to be models. :)

The Reception / Wedding Dinner

At dinner before the reception began. This picture does not do any justice how beautiful the tables looked but I was to imberassed to stand on my chair and get an arial view of the table setting. I don't think Rachael and Eric would have appreciated that either. :) The food was absolutly amazing we had a delicious salad with rolls, fish for the main course along with rice, and Strawberry Short Cake to top off the dinner. Not to mention sweet toast's given during dinner by family and friends. I was about to stand up and give a toast as well but we were all cut off. (I guess the time had ended)

So, here is my toast, I am Rachael's favorite sister in-law on the Horn side of the family. :) (Unfortunatly I am her only sister in law :) ) Due to Rachael being such a dedicated doctor in Salt Lake I have not had the opportunity to get to know her very well when Michael and I were first married but, about a year ago at the family reunion we had for the Burton's. While in attendance to the reunion we stayed in Salt Lake and had the opportunity to meet Eric and spend time with Rach. My favorite and first memory of who Rachael really is was when we were all enjoying our last night in Salt Lake and Rachael came to our hotel to say good bye and spend one more hour with us. We had so much fun giggling and talking and catching up it was truly a precious moment. We began to say good bye and as Rachael began to say her goodbye she couldn't help but cry. (precious tears were rolling down her cheeks) It was then that I realized how much love Rachael has for each of us as her family and it made me see how sentamental and how much she loves being involved in our lives. It was so neat to feel that Rachael realized we were here for her no matter what. It truly is my favorite and most precious moment of Rachael. I know she loves us and we are so proud of her and her accomplishments in life. We couldn't be more extatic about our new big brother Eric he is such a grat listener and makes you feel so important when talking to him. He truly takes in all your ambitions and ideas. (He is so nice) We are so excited for Rachael and Eric may god bless their marriage and their experiences together. Congratulations to the Bride and Groom. And, welcome to the Horn family Eric. Cheers! We had so much fun dancing at the reception this is Eric's little brother Joe and his mom Rebecca having a great time dancing. Michael and I had so much fun and the live band was great. The Chello player stood up on his Chello as he played it was so fun.
Michael had fun playing go fish with our adorable neices the next morning. They were so cute trying to figure out who had cards that they needed. Michael and I just love the girls and Angie, and Carol. :)

Chealsea Lynn 4 yrs old

Aubrianna 3 yrs. old

The Home Stretch!

Yup, that is right our dog thinks he rules the house when we are away. No, we had our fabulous friends Amy and Justin watch our dog for us while we were in Utah. They are the best ever for taking care of our adorable dog. Going on vacation is so much fun and relaxing but the last hour Michael and I were talking about random stuff and I was taking pictures of random things. aka my hair?? Don't ask me why after driving for 9 hours you are just ready to be home. :)
Alright this was not a random picture it was a beautiful sun set on the way home. I love the rays coming out from behind the clouds.

The flowers at Rachaels wedding were absolutly gorgeuous I love the colors of this one.

I am such a nerd taking pictures of the flowers from the wedding but they were gorgeous.

Freedom in the United States!

Hi Everyone,

It has been way to long since I have last seen my blog! I received an e-mail that my dad forwarded to me and wanted to share my thoughts on the price of our freedom. Freedom is by no means free it is a blessing we earn by standing up for what is right even if that means we are standing alone. Freedom is received by hard work, lot's of learning, and letting your voice be heard. The following quote was part of the e-mail my dad forwarded it really hit home.

Thomas Jefferson said this, "The policy of the American government is to leave their citizens free, neither restraining nor aiding them in their pursuits." That is so powerful and true. We need to do all in our power to strengthen our homes, our families and the principles upon which this great nation was founded upon. You great women are doing just that! You are teaching and educating your children, your grandchildren, your neighbors and your friends about the cost of freedom, the sanctity of marriage, life and the preservation of the family. Our nation will not be great unless our homes and communties are strong. If we raise lazy, unappreciative, indulgent children, what do we expect in our future nation? We must stand for truth and freedom always!

Friday, February 27, 2009

My Funny but Scary near death experience!

Ok, so tonight Michael went to the temple while I attended a baptism and Enrichment Night for Releif Society. So, I get home at 8:30 take the dog out like normal then get home and think I am going to be an awesome wife and cook my husband dinner.
After I made this decision I realized that it was already 8:50p.m and Mike said he would be home at 9:00 being the genius that I am I think Oh! I'll make hamburgers but all we had was frozen beef. So, I decided since I was short on time I would not defrost it I would just cook it for 3 minutes to defrost it.
By this time Michael arrives home and I pull the meat out to grill hambergers while I open up the meat package I realize the meat has been cooked all the way through. Mike says "oh I was really hungry" I said don't worry we will just have taco's we will break up the cooked meat and put taco seasoning on it and it will be fine. We put the seasoning on it and pull out the taco shells and I go to taste the meat and take a small bite and it is absolutly descusting, tough, and dry. I take another bite anyways because I am hungry but did so the same time Mike had a descusted look on his face from tasting it. I emediatly began to laugh and while doing so enhaled a big pieace of meat. I began coughing but couldn't get the meat out of my wind pipe. Michael is standing in front of the stove talking to himself saying oh I will fix it and make it taste better. In the mean time I am still coughing paniking what the heck I am going to do. I hit Mike on the shoulder to get his attention to do the choking symbol so he could help me but no he doesn't even look my way so I run to the sink and and continue to cough praying the meat will come out of my lungs once I am finally done coughing practically to death Michael then comes over and says are you ok. I got mad and said No I could have died I needed your help and needed someone to pat my back to help me get the meat out Michael then says well you didn't make the choking sign and then began laughing and said you wouldn't look at me. We both were laughing histerically and both had lessons we learned.
So, even though it was scary it was really funny just because serves me right for laughing with food in my mouth and Michael learned he needs to look at me when I am frantically patting him on the shoulder for help. ha ha lol