Sunday, July 12, 2009

Giggle's and Tear's!

Joe, Emily, Eric, and Rachael enjoying the skits and songs for the evening. Here are Eric's Aunt, cousin, and Uncle singing their wedding song when they were married in tribute to Rachael and Eric they did such a great job.
I loved watching Eric and Rachael's face during each skit and song; they looked so happy and were having so much fun.

Pam and Greg. These are Rachael and Eric's really good friends.

Angie and Tiffany singing their favorite child hood song. Skid a marie ke dinke dink. I doubt that is how you spell it but I tried. They did such a great job singing the song Eric and Rachael loved it.


Shalyn and Cooper said...

Hey Erin! Just wanted to say hi- so excited to find your blog:-) Have a good day!


Hey Woman! I want your address so I can stalk you! thx