Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Preperation before the wedding!

Erin and Michael before the wedding. Here we are at the Horn cabin taking picture's of ourselves in front of the mirror. :) Mike is so handsome I love him. (In case your wondering about the scab on his forhead and nose it is from long boarding the day prior, lets just say he conqoured some huge hills in Salt Lake and then the assfault got him. :) lol) Carol and Kris walking down the path way by our cabin to the wedding.
Aubrianna and Chelsea, I love this picture of Chelsea because she is so excited to be a flower girl and absolutly loves her dress; it makes her look like a princess.

Here are the girls running down the pathway to the wedding I love them so much. Tiffany their mom was sweet enough to let me curl their hair.(Tiffany pulled it back and put the flowers in I only curled it) They were the best little models while sitting on the counter as I did their hair.

What an adorable little family of four. I love this picture of Tiffany, Nate, Aubrianna, and Chelsea.

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debrajo said...

These wedding pictures are so cute--you have a ton of posts about the wedding! Glad you guys had fun! Rachael looks really pretty & your neices are adorable!