Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Adventure Begins!

Here we are Saturday Morning on June 27, 2009! Rachael and Eric had fun events planned for the morning before the wedding in the evening. So, you could either go hiking with Rachael or Mountain Biking with Eric. So, Michael and I decided to go Mountain Biking with Eric. Once we arrived to the bike rental area by the ski lift we realized Eric and his buddies were going to be riding their bike's up the mountain and then down it. A little too intense for us so we decided to take the ski lift up the mountain and then ride down. :) Don't get me wrong it still wasn't that easy we still had to do a lot of work and go up some huge hills. Here we are beginning our journey on the ski lift. Nate Tiffany's husband decided to go mountain biking as well; we all choose to stick together. It was so much fun.
The Mountains at Sundance Ski Resort are gorgeous; see the snow on top of the mountain in the middle. The weather was absolutly great we didn't even need jackets.

Here is just the mountain.

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