Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Reception / Wedding Dinner

At dinner before the reception began. This picture does not do any justice how beautiful the tables looked but I was to imberassed to stand on my chair and get an arial view of the table setting. I don't think Rachael and Eric would have appreciated that either. :) The food was absolutly amazing we had a delicious salad with rolls, fish for the main course along with rice, and Strawberry Short Cake to top off the dinner. Not to mention sweet toast's given during dinner by family and friends. I was about to stand up and give a toast as well but we were all cut off. (I guess the time had ended)

So, here is my toast, I am Rachael's favorite sister in-law on the Horn side of the family. :) (Unfortunatly I am her only sister in law :) ) Due to Rachael being such a dedicated doctor in Salt Lake I have not had the opportunity to get to know her very well when Michael and I were first married but, about a year ago at the family reunion we had for the Burton's. While in attendance to the reunion we stayed in Salt Lake and had the opportunity to meet Eric and spend time with Rach. My favorite and first memory of who Rachael really is was when we were all enjoying our last night in Salt Lake and Rachael came to our hotel to say good bye and spend one more hour with us. We had so much fun giggling and talking and catching up it was truly a precious moment. We began to say good bye and as Rachael began to say her goodbye she couldn't help but cry. (precious tears were rolling down her cheeks) It was then that I realized how much love Rachael has for each of us as her family and it made me see how sentamental and how much she loves being involved in our lives. It was so neat to feel that Rachael realized we were here for her no matter what. It truly is my favorite and most precious moment of Rachael. I know she loves us and we are so proud of her and her accomplishments in life. We couldn't be more extatic about our new big brother Eric he is such a grat listener and makes you feel so important when talking to him. He truly takes in all your ambitions and ideas. (He is so nice) We are so excited for Rachael and Eric may god bless their marriage and their experiences together. Congratulations to the Bride and Groom. And, welcome to the Horn family Eric. Cheers! We had so much fun dancing at the reception this is Eric's little brother Joe and his mom Rebecca having a great time dancing. Michael and I had so much fun and the live band was great. The Chello player stood up on his Chello as he played it was so fun.
Michael had fun playing go fish with our adorable neices the next morning. They were so cute trying to figure out who had cards that they needed. Michael and I just love the girls and Angie, and Carol. :)

Chealsea Lynn 4 yrs old

Aubrianna 3 yrs. old

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