Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Steep Trail!

Here is Nate chillin on the trail. Can you see the cut in the side of the mountain where the trail goes. Cool huh. Here you can see how steep it is. Mike and I posing for a kodak moment. This trail was beautiful can you see the gorgous mountains behind us. This trail was so cool because you are surrounded by mountains and they are all visible. Where as the other trails it is more through the tree's.

See those little bushes at the bottom of the photo that is the only thing that would catch you if you were to slip off the trail with your mountain bike. It was really scary at first but you get used to it once your adrenaline gets pumping. (It was worth the scenery)

Michael had so much fun mountain biking I am so glad I choose to go with him and Nate; we had such a blast.

I have made it this far I can finish!

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