Friday, February 27, 2009

My Funny but Scary near death experience!

Ok, so tonight Michael went to the temple while I attended a baptism and Enrichment Night for Releif Society. So, I get home at 8:30 take the dog out like normal then get home and think I am going to be an awesome wife and cook my husband dinner.
After I made this decision I realized that it was already 8:50p.m and Mike said he would be home at 9:00 being the genius that I am I think Oh! I'll make hamburgers but all we had was frozen beef. So, I decided since I was short on time I would not defrost it I would just cook it for 3 minutes to defrost it.
By this time Michael arrives home and I pull the meat out to grill hambergers while I open up the meat package I realize the meat has been cooked all the way through. Mike says "oh I was really hungry" I said don't worry we will just have taco's we will break up the cooked meat and put taco seasoning on it and it will be fine. We put the seasoning on it and pull out the taco shells and I go to taste the meat and take a small bite and it is absolutly descusting, tough, and dry. I take another bite anyways because I am hungry but did so the same time Mike had a descusted look on his face from tasting it. I emediatly began to laugh and while doing so enhaled a big pieace of meat. I began coughing but couldn't get the meat out of my wind pipe. Michael is standing in front of the stove talking to himself saying oh I will fix it and make it taste better. In the mean time I am still coughing paniking what the heck I am going to do. I hit Mike on the shoulder to get his attention to do the choking symbol so he could help me but no he doesn't even look my way so I run to the sink and and continue to cough praying the meat will come out of my lungs once I am finally done coughing practically to death Michael then comes over and says are you ok. I got mad and said No I could have died I needed your help and needed someone to pat my back to help me get the meat out Michael then says well you didn't make the choking sign and then began laughing and said you wouldn't look at me. We both were laughing histerically and both had lessons we learned.
So, even though it was scary it was really funny just because serves me right for laughing with food in my mouth and Michael learned he needs to look at me when I am frantically patting him on the shoulder for help. ha ha lol


lindsay levi said...

SCARY!! It's the thought that counts. Men are oblivious sometimes, especially to what's going on around them. Ha ha!

debrajo said...

That's hilarious. How can you communicate if you're not talking, right? : ) You poor thing, you were probably scared to death. I'm so glad you lived to tell the tale. On your tomb stone we would have had to put "Died from nasty, rotten hamburger invading her lungs". That would have been embarrassing. Now you can die a normal death when you're 89 with your grandkids around you. Whew! Luv ya!

Brian, Lindsay, and Bekah said...

Hi Erin and Mike,
This is Lindsay (Haws) Frost. I found your blog off of Debra Jo and I just wanted to say hi. Looks like you guys are doing well and keeping very busy. I am glad Erin is alright after the whole choking scare. Just like a man to be completely clueless. :) Hope things continue to go well for you both. Good Luck!
My blog is private, but if you are ever interested in viewing it email me

Hawkes said...

HEY!! I found your blog!! Cool! oh and please don't choke and die. I would be sad. We need to do another comedy/in&out night!!

Bonnie Hawkes

Little Beachs said...

oh goodness thats crazy! good thing your okay!