Thursday, November 20, 2008

While in Colorado the Athletic Director spoke to us about being successful and during his speech we would cheer at the good parts that he spoke about. Well, he had mentioned that their basketball team was playing that night and that our energy of all those from IACURH would make a big difference at the game. Their was about 400 students total that attended IACURH. He asked if we would be interested in going to the game and we said yes! So, we all got free t-shirts that we are wearing in the picture, we got into the game for free, and he ordered all of us pizza. It was a lot of fun! And, The Buffaloes won 43 to 32. It was a great game.
This is Cyri she is from The University of Utah. She and I became good friends during the Convention.

Here is Eleanor on the left and Britny on the right. They are inseperable. I thought that this picture was cute because during the whole convention in you found Britny you found Eleanor and if you found Eleanor you found Britny. And, they wore almost the same outfits the whole time, jackets and everything. : )

You can't see it but my left hand is full of stuff and Ryan's left hand is full of stuff! We both wanted to leave a note on UofA door so we had to help each other take the cap of the marker off. Well, putting the cap back on was the most difficult and it took us about three tries to get the cap back on! We are such NERDS!!! : )

Polytechnic at ASU! Go SUN DEVILS!!! Left to right Joe, Jordan, Stephanie, Ray, Kayla, Arnold, Erin, Britny, Eleanor, Catherine, Ryan. We had such a good time at the banquet even though we didn't win anything!

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