Monday, November 24, 2008

Adorable Nephew of Mine!

What more can I say other than
He is such a joy and little bundle of love.
Here Tyson is trying to put my shoes on the other week at my parents house.

Here he is with the shoes on! ha ha lol He looks so cute in my shoes!
They are Gynormus on him!

My brother Taylor was playing with Tyson and Tyson kept laughing at Taylor and would put his head up close to the stair railing! I wish I could have been where Taylor was standing but I was afraid in the excitment of things he would fall!

This is my favorite one of him!

Tyson just chillin on the stairs! He is so adorable!


debrajo said...

You're an excellent aunt! It's crazy how obsessed Tyson is about shoes. He whined the other day until Mom & Dad put his shoes on (without socks & in his pajamas). Sometimes he won't let Mitch or I do anything until he's put shoes on us, too. Too funny!

Love you!

Your Boulder pics are pretty, by the way!

Aunt Tiff said...

He is SO cute! And you are Beautiful! Hope we get to see you guys soon!