Thursday, November 20, 2008

Boulder Colorado!

Boulder Colorado Here we come! I had the opportunity to go to Boulder this past weekend from Thursday until Sunday! For a convention called IACURH! IACURH is a leadership convention for Community Assisitants and RHA (Resident halls assistants) around the nation for University students! The theme of the convention was The legend of the hidden leadership. It was based off the old game show legend of the hidden temple. I learned so much that I can now share with my team at work and have great ideas for fun programs that will hopefully get our residents out to them. It was such a fun learning experience and I hope I am able to attend the next convention NACURH in February.
Holy Cow! Talk about squished! four of us piled into the cab of Britny's dad's truck to the air port and even better I am holding the display in the front seat cause it would fly out of the back. So, I couldn't see anything. Everyone kept teasing me and was like "Oh no were going to crash look out ahhhhhh" It was so funny and such a great experience to start off the trip!
The subway system was so cool at the air port! I have never been on one before so it was fun holding onto the polls and the hand loops at the top of the subway!

Getting ready to go on stage for our skit!

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meesherkin said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! This seems like the perfect job for you Erin, you are so cute :)