Sunday, September 7, 2008

Point Loma Light house!

This is inside of the Light house! The stairs are so steep!
Here is Michael towards the top!
Mike and I in front of the Light house!
Michael hanging out taking a break!
Black and White pictures during a trip are always fun! The Light house is behind us!


debrajo said...

These pictures from your trip make me want to go back to San Diego. It's so beautiful there. My fav. pic is of Erin in the light house. You have awesome picture taking skills, Mike! Take us with you next time, Gooba!


Eric and Addie said...

looks like fun!!! Your pictures are great by the way.

Nicole said...

You guys are so cute and it looks like you are having tons of fun!! Good For you! Isn't Cali a BLAST!!!

debrajo said...

Hurry up & make a new post! I want a new update about your lives!

Arnett's said...

Mike!! How the heck are you man?! This is Sara Rich (Arnett). I pretty much blog stalked you guys.

Clarissa Jo Baxter said...

hey erin! your blog is so cute! and your trip looks like so much fun!