Thursday, October 30, 2008

What we are up to!

I recently went to Grande Junction, Colorado for RAppin! This event RAppin is for RA's/CA's that work at different Universities around the U.S.. We had such a great time and were able to learn a lot about leadership. Britny and myself had to present at RAppin and our program that we taught to 30 students was named one of the TOP 5 best programs at RAppin for 2008! Britny and I were so excited. It is fun to see hard work pay off!
Mike has been really focusing on school and is doing FABULOUS in all of his classes. He is such a great dedicated student and is getting good grades. He recently went to a Museum in Mesa for his History 134 class!

Mike and I also went to our first Halloween party together this year! It was a great party and we hung out with our friends Adam and Elizabeth Zamora (In the middle of the picture) and Debra Jo and Mitch Borden my fabulous sister and brother in law. Oh! and how could we forget my adorable nephew Tyson and the Zamoras sweet little girl Mia.

Mike and I also recently went to the Arizona State Fair and saw Weezer perform and better yet went in support of our friends Jeff Williamson, and Andrew Hawks. Who won a contest to play with Weezer on stage for three songs. They all did such a great job and it was a lot of fun!

Mike and I at the Fair!

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lindsay levi said...

Cool Erin! D-Jo told me about your trip to Colorado. How awesome! I liked your guys Halloween costumes too!