Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Perfect Valentine

Michael truly is the perfect Valentine, on Saturday February 13th Michael took me out for Valentine's day. We rode his bikes down to discovery park (5 1/2 miles away from our house) had a picnic, played football with each other and rode home. We had such a fun time together at the park eating our lunch together and playing catch and being silly with hiking the ball to one another. And, to tell you the truth the biking really wasn't that bad either. I really enjoyed the bike ride even though Michael is a lot faster biker than I am. Michael truly is the best; and I love him very much. Enjoy the pictures of our fun adventure together. :)

Yoga master Michael (More like sitting master Michael) Mike and I are taking a Yoga class together this semester. It is a lot of fun. Yoga is actually really intense and is quite the work out.

Erin's Tree attempt

Michael's Warrior 2 He is so cute

Erin's Triangle

Downward facing dog. (Michael only wanted to try one Yoga position on these fun cement "things" he was too embarassed as there were people that would walk by on occation and others watching us. :) lol

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debrajo said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! These are AWESOME! I love the yoga poses. It's a sign of true love for him to take a Yoga class with you and then pose on cement blocks at a public place! You guys are so cute!