Friday, January 7, 2011

Good Bye 2010... Hello 2011

We wish this was from Christmas morning but... it wasn't... this was two weeks before. :) 
Miracle on 39th street in Baltimore, Maryland. This block goes all out with Christmas lights something exciting on the East coast hardly anyone puts up lights. 
Christmas Tree made out of bicycle spokes. (This was Mike's favorite)
A hub cap Christmas tree! How funny, but fun. :) 
Freezing my hind end off :)
A Nativity set made of robots, very creative. 

The Avenue... just a couple of blocks from the lights we saw. Very fun place with ADORABLE boutiques and near by a delicious pizza place. I forget the name of the store but this was the perfect example of what individuals from Maryland are really like. Their slices of pizza were 18inch wide by 20inch long... way too much pizza for one person but delicious. Mike had his own slice and I had a Philly cheese steak sooo good but we both almost had a heart attack when walking around for the rest of the night. lol

Christmas Eve

Did you know that on Christmas Eve you can go to National Harbor and see Santa, his reindeer, and other christmas favorites Skiing on the Potomac River no matter what the weather condition is! Yes, my dear friends we got to see Santa and his Elves ski in water that is 33 degrees and 38 degrees outside. Here are all of our fun pictures...

Mike enjoying the freezing cold :) 
Snapping a picture so we can find a restaurant that was nice and warm. :) 
Another Elf
Opening one stocking stuffer... I love Mike on Christmas and any other day. He is so excited about life and gifts. :) 
Using Kaiser as a model so we can practice with my flash. This way Mike and I won't have to see spots. 
I love this one, I just want to grab his face right out of the picture.
My turn for Mike to practice using the flash on
Santa brought Mike a guitar stand, slippers, and a partially made quilt. :) 
I love the spirit you feel on Christmas morning. 
Mike peering out of the top of the stairs, I love him so much. 

Bracelet from Carol, Mike said this is the coolest square knot he has ever seen. I agree and I love it.
According to Mitch this is my muffin hat. 
Ornament from Mom mom, its so cute and adorable. Mike insisted that he be the one to put it on the tree. I insisted that I be the one to take a picture of it and how it matches our garland so well. Thanks Mom mom we love you!

Santa brought me a new camera bag for my equipment. I am so excited and love having it! :) 
Kaiser playing with his new squeaky retrieving ball. He won't play fetch with his regular tennis ball now. Thanks Kris and Carol. 
Enjoying Sunday after Christmas
The ornaments my Mom made for us this year... so cute and based off of my favorite movie The Polar Express. 


debrajo said...

It's a cute muffin hat. I don't care what Mitch says. I also want to grab Kaiser's face out of that picture. BTW, Mitch & I have a matching ornament from MomMom, too. : ) That's fun that we have the same kind of thing hanging on our tree. Merry Christmas, again. I love you guys!

Carol Horn said...

I enjoyed your Christmas thanks for sharing it with us. LOve you guys