Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Your Number One Fan...

I feel as if the years have flown by like a swift bird headed South for the Winter. Life seems like such a long journey to our final destination. Yet, as each year passes I find myself reminiscing about the one's that have come before. I think to myself "Am I really that old, can my little Brothers who once sat in my lap be taller than I, are all those fond memories of childhood really that far in the past" I can't even begin to imagine how my Mother and Father feel having five grown children that are teenagers, grown adults, married, and some who have children. Yet as life seems to pass us by like the soft, quiet, swift wings of a Butterfly I find that every swift moment that has so quickly come and gone I would never change it for the world. I would like to tell you about my Dad who has been one of the very important people in my life to make my life here on Earth a wonderful experience thus far. Here is a little bit about this Extraordinary Man.

He is the Youngest child in his Family which Yes makes him the FAVORITE as his siblings would say (or they like to tease him to make him think that) :) 
He is Patriotic at heart and literally a PYRO!
A Goof Ball who likes to have fun
The KING of Funny Faces and for making you giggle during sacrament meeting
One who loves his family and would give up having ANYTHING in the world just to be with them
An honorable and worthy priesthood holder which has richly bless my life and our families
A Man full of Sheer Joy despite what life may throw at him
A loving GAMPA
A great Support no matter how succesful you are 
He is always there to uplift your spirits when feeling down or dismayed ( I love my Dad in the background of this picture cheering on the one's he loves yes that goes for all 5 of us children)
Proud Parent
An instigator of Laughter (I love how my Dad is always making me laugh even during the sad times in life)
I love this picture of my Dad (and one from his Three 2U photo shoot session) I love this picture so much because it shows how happy in life he is and it makes me want to enjoy life that much more
An Examplar of Hard Work and Dedication to anything you do in life
Instigator of Excitement and suspense
A Man full of surprises and fun
A lover of the outdoors ( I remember many fun camping trips at Black River, Cutting down Christmas Tree's, Hiking adventures, and wanting to go camping so bad you slept with Debra Jo and I in sleeping bags  in our backyard)
A Man of Strength and Endurance
A Man of much Gomerness... :)
No, You Da Man!
A Dad that is Fun, that you can laugh with I remember growing up and I will still say it to this day "Dad I am glad your not a Serious Dad, I'm glad your a Fun Dad" (Although, my Dad might be fun and a goof ball he is the biggest spiritual giant you will meet in your life who knows our Father in Heaven very well)

A Man of Love
A Man who loves his Sweet heart and shows how much fun you can have in life with your Eternal Companion
A Man who has overcome trials with full faith in God
A Man who enjoys an occasional nap
A Man who dearly loves his friends
A Father
A Man full of Great Talents
A Man who enjoys every moment in life and a man who makes everything in life enjoyable (I love how you were goofing around and wore D-jo's glasses for this picture) :)
I couldn't find the picture of my Dad with me at my dive meet Senior Year of High School but going to Taylor's Dive meets always reminded me of my Senior year for some reason. I specifically recall being completely bombarded with wonderful stress my Senior year. I was in Dive, Choir, Dance, Junior Miss, and the Easter Pageant. Life seemed to be great until I didn't win any scholarship money for Junior Miss, I placed lower than I wanted to at State Dive Championships, and I had been pulled out of the majority of my dances for our End of the year Dance show for missing dress rehearsal for attending General Conference and wanting to keep the sabbath day holy. I specifically remember driving home from my Jr. Miss competition and crying on the way home feeling like an absolute failure. I called my Dad on the phone because I didn't know what to do and I remember him telling me that Heavenly Father doesn't have us be the spotlight sometimes for reasons we don't understand at the time. He gave me his love and told me how proud he was of me and how glad and happy he was to be my Dad. He told me how much our Heavenly Father loved me and appreciated me for all that I had been doing so far in my life. He comforted me and helped me feel better about myself. It wasn't until a short time after graduation that I had a personal realization that my Senior year I hadn't failed at all but instead had been extremly blessed in many areas and aspects in my life. Thank you Dad for guiding me to the Light in one of my gloomy moments in life.          
A Man of enjoying one's company
A man of Celebration
A Man who loves little children
Proud Father and Patriarch
A Man who loves and treats his son in laws as if they were his own
A Man who loves his two little boys
A Man full of peace, comfort, and Gratitude for what God has given him in life.
All in all, as I reminisce on life's experiences I am thankful for a Dad who loves me, makes me feel safe, prays for me,  supports me, hugs me, makes me hyper, is a wonderful examplar and has a testimony and love for our Savior Jesus Christ.




Case-Tastic! said...

I love this Erin! How did we get so lucky with the most awesome Dad's in the world?!?!

Cassie said...

Aw I love this. And I love your dad!!! He is an amazing person. Hope things are going well for you and hope you're enjoying DC!

debrajo said...

Thank you for posting this. Just when I thought you were going to be done posting, there was more, and then more. And what's amazing is that Dad is all of those things you listed, and more. : ) How do you describe that kind of feeling? But it's there. And our Mom is equally amazing. I love this post--what a great gift to give Dad on his birthday. It was sweet and made me cry.

I didn't realize that you felt like you were a failure that last year of high school. I'm so sorry you felt so down about yourself. I remember talking to you during that time and hugging in our bedroom as I tried to cheer you up...but I don't think I TRUELY understood just how down you may have been. And I want you to know that you have always been a shinning star, and NEVER in my entire life have I EVER thought you were a failure. You are the most amazing sister, and Jodi and I adore you!

Thanks for all the beautiful pictures. The one of you and Dad at your wedding made me cry.