Saturday, July 16, 2011

Friends From AZ!

This past week and a half Mike and I have been lucky enough to have our great friends Adam and Liz come and visit for a whopping 12 DAYS! :) It was so much fun having them we are sad they are gone but are grateful for the fun memories and a full nights rest! :)

Here are some pictures from our fun adventures!

Session at the DC Temple

Adam and Elizabeth
Mike and Adam >> Would you believe that Mike gets as dark as Adam in the summer time... its true in AZ people always thought they were brothers. Funny huh!
Liz and I enjoying the DC Festival on the National Mall the music made our Hips move. :)
This band from Brazil was AMAZING... the guy on the Mirackas was Extraordinary.... literally that guy was doing body rolls as he played he got so into the music. It was so fun to watch...
Fun Art Work at the DC Festival
Having fun in the Afternoon Sun...  (Mike, Erin, Liz, Adam)
We found Adams Building that he owns down town DC he rents the bottom portion out to the SPY Museum, and rents the one condo out to a nice couple above.
Mike is famous for either putting too little charcoal or way too much... can you tell what our problem is in this picture based off of Adam using our blow up mattress pump to blow air on the coals? lol Liz and I were cracking up, my favorite part about this picture is if you look closely you will see a small cloud of ash coming up from the grill right in front of Mike... The Hot Dogs were good but gritty. :) lol
4th of July at Mt. Vernon, it was fun hearing The Deceleration of Independence read and seeing the men walk around in there uniforms. :)
Had to get a picture with a man in Uniform... ;) I love you Mike! :)

Having Fun Playing with some straw in front of the large wheat stacks...

After our tour of George Washington's Home, it was really beautiful inside.

George Washington

Watching the Fireworks from the steps of The Jefferson Monument

Rays Hell Burger in Arlington Delicious!

Amish Country in Pennsylvania

Grand Central Station NYC

Gotta Love Time Square...

On our way to the High Line, this is a cool Glass spiral staircase in the Apple Store.

The High Line is a nice escape from the city right in NYC

Mike's Picture above and Adams picture below check out that Bee posing for the camera.

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying with Daniel Radcliff and John Larocett.... Amazing Broadway show absolutely hilarious and tons of fun. The Night we saw the show both Tom Felton and Rupert Grint were in the audience. Lots of fun!

John Larocett after the show... we were able to obtain all the lead actors and actresses autographs in the show that night... including Daniel Radcliff.. and Tom Felton :)
New Jersey
My Handsome Husband sporting an awesome hat

Thank you Adam and Liz for being wonderful guests, thanks for all the laughs, the late nights, the x-box competitions, and the fun memories.


Carol Horn said...

Love everything!!!!so much fun!!!

debrajo said...

Your pictures look awesome. It looks like you guys are all happy & had a great time. : )