Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hairspray Air Freshener...

I don't think I have ever fit so many events into a three day period. The fun began Thursday Night when my Mom and Two sisters Debra Jo and Jodi arrived....

Thursday: Homemade meal and exploration of the Lincoln, Vietnam, Washington, and World Ward Two Memorial... Oh, and we can't forget the Fro yo we ate after our excursion that evening.

Friday: The American History Museum, Washington Monument (it was on the way back to the car), White House, Vietnam Memorial (had to see it in the Sun light), World War Two Memorial (we forgot to show them all the gold stars representing 100 soldiers), Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, Potbelly for Dinner, and then to end our evening we enjoyed a session at the DC Temple.

Saturday: Enjoyed sleeping in, German Pancakes for Breakfast, Mount Vernon, Hamburgers in Georgetown, Georgetown Cupcakes for dessert, The Jefferson Monument, George Mason Memorial.

Sunday: Baby Blessing in DC, Arlington Cemetery, Lunch at our home, Ronald Reagan National Airport.


Joan said...

hey! I know this amazing group of girls!!!!! I love your family!!!!

debrajo said...

By the way, you are in SO MUCH TROUBLE for posting a picture that showed me in tennis shoes with my dress. SERIOUSLY!

debrajo said...

So weird. I thought I published a comment like this already...maybe I didn't actually click the right button. I'll try to remember what I said...the 1st comment went something like this:

"Oh, wow! These pictures make me miss you again, already! We had so much fun. You guys are the best sister and brother-in-law I could ask for. We had so much fun! Thanks for letting us eat you out of house and home, and snacks, and for taking us everywhere! We had such a great time. Erin, you're an amazing tour guide. I had no idea that you were so talented. We should have paid you for your knowledge, expertise, and shuttling services! We totally should have delayed our flight home like you suggested, Mike. Jodi didn't even have that great of a day at work on Monday, so it wouldn't have mattered that much anyway to change up our plans. : ) We had a great time, and love and miss you both! You're the best!

I'm amazed you blogged already, Erin. It's a good thing you did before you got into the thick of your new online class.

I love the pictures. There's so many good ones! It's a good thing we took 5 or 6 in each spot. Haha!"

LOVE AND MISS YOU! Can't wait to see you again!