Monday, December 12, 2011

Blessings from Up Above

Mike and I have been so blessed this past three months in our lives. Here is our list of events from the past three months...

1) My Mom and Sisters Visit in October (10/13-10/16)
2) Kris and Carol my in-laws come and visit us in November right before Thanksgiving (11/11-11/20)
3) Having my First Cousin Elder JT Slade over for dinner (11/23)
4) Spending Thanksgiving with our friends the Bradshaw's and their family (11/24)
 5) Picking up a Christmas Tree (11/25)
 6) Having Thanksgiving 2.0 with our friends the Mangums (11/27)
7) Decorating our house for Christmas (11/28)
8) Celebrating Mike's Birthday (12/1)
9) DC Hot Chocolate 15K with our friend Cassie and Greg (12/3)

Kris and Carol visit us in DC!
Kris and Carol visit us in DC!

Kris and Carol visit us in DC!

Kris and Carol visit us in DC!

Kris and Carol visit us in DC!

Elder Slade and Elder White Eat Dinner with Us!
First Time I have ever made a Green Bean Casserole. :)
The delicious Turkey the Bradshaws made
Decorating for Christmas!
Decorating for Christmas!

Kaiser being cute! :)
The first Turkey I have ever made and Michael's first Carving of the Turkey :)
Decorating for Christmas!
The Star would not stay for me...
Why is it first try for Mike its perfect?
Oh, Christmas Tree Oh, Christmas Tree... how lovley are thy Branches! :)
Shaking it up at Shake Shack for Mike's Birthday, we always love hangning out in DC when celebrating life events. :)
( left to right: Greg, Erin, Cassie, Mike) Getting ready for our 15K Hot Chocolate Race at National Harbor... boy was it cold but worth the Chocolate at the end. :)

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