Thursday, May 17, 2012

Update from the Horn's!

Mike and I have been extremely busy lately finishing up school from ASU, working, and preparing for this baby of ours to come. Even though we have been really busy we have still found time to fit in some fun things to help us keep our sanity. :)

The Cherry Blossom Festival, I was able to get downtown in time before all the blossoms were blown off the trees. I love taking time to go down there on my own it is so peaceful and relaxing to walk around the Nations Capital enjoying the beautiful blossoms. We are so lucky to live in America where we have freedoms and rights. 

I am so grateful to be apart of the Horn family, I have the best in-laws ever and the sweetest sister in-laws anyone could ask for. They all surpirsed me by sending me a baby shower via mail. When I got home from a meeting for church Mike had layed out all the gifts on our table for me to see and open for my shower. Thanks again In-laws you guys are the BEST!

One of the many awesome gifts I got, a hooded towel that my sister in-law made, I also got adorable outfits from my other sister in-laws a Bjorn, and adorable jammies for our little guy.

Here are some close ups of the adorable Monster Quilt my Mother in-law made me. This is my favorite monster on the quilt I just LOVE his underbite. :)

The full quilt, it is going to look so cute in his crib!

These are eggs that I blew the yokes out of the middle and then glued decorative paper on the outside for Easter.

Mike recently did a triathalon down at Lake Anna, it was a lot of fun and our friend Leigh ended up doing the Triathalon too. She did such a great job and it was a lot of fun to cheer them both on.
I love all the bikes that are at a triathalon.

Mike's strong Finish!
We also went to a DC United Soccer game with a bunch of our friends the Bateman's, Packers, and Greg and Veronica. below is a picture of Greg and Veronica.

Mike and I also went to Monticello for the weekend as he had another race for the next weekend after his Triathalon.. :)

Thomas Jefferson is such an insperational man, I am so grateful he was so knowledgable.
Muddy Buddy race with Greg
You can't tell in this picture but it literally was raining the entire race, hence why I am sporting this adorable white Poncho. :)
The boys after the race, they are SO Muddy!
The following weekend we purchased a new car, how do you like our Volkwagen GTI? Just kidding we wish! This is actually my Bosses car and he is selling it very soon in case anyone is interested... It is a sweet ride, fun to drive, comfortable, and I wish it were in our budget or else we would buy it. :)
Mike having fun driving... (don't worry this picture was taken while parked and not taken while actually driving)

Service Baby Shower was thrown for me and two of my friends from the Young Women at our church! I love all of these girls so much and am excited to use the coupons they gave me for acts of service and dress my baby boy in the adorable onsies they decorated for me.

Then when you think life could not get any busier it does but in always in a WONDERFUL way. We then went the following weekend to Arizona to visit my family. Not only did all the men need to hike the Grand Canyon to come home all walking like old men because they were so sore but we also went so I could see my brother Taylor one more time before he leaves on his mission to Guatemala.
Me, Taylor, and Mike
I am sure going to miss this kid, he is no longer a kid anymore he is growing up and will be a Man when he gets home from Guatemala. I am going to miss our conversations, and the way he makes me laugh the next two years. I most of all am going to miss seeing him when we go home to visit, it will be difficult to not have him there and spend late nights being silly, making faces and talking about goals in life.
Look at all of the Handsome Men in my life. I sure love all of these guys they are the best!
(Brother in law Mitch, Father in law Kris, my Hubby, Heber, Taylor and my Dad)
Mike having fun in The Grand Canyon
A cool cactus while in the Canyon growing out of the side of a rock.

*Pictures of the two baby showers people threw for me are suppose to go here still waiting on those I will have to do a seperate post for that*
Then to top off our fun, busy lives Mike and I went to Canada last weekend to celebrate our 5 Year Anniversary!

The Falls are absolutley beautiful!
Had to get a picture of our Baby with us at Niagara Falls! :)

Glad they had plenty of places to sit in Canada... my poor little feet were tired from all the walking we did. :) However I am grateful our hotel was close enough to the Falls where we could walk everywhere and not pay for parking.
We did both Journey Behind the Falls and the Maid of Mist Tour, I highly reccommend doing both if you go to Niagara Falls! I would do the Maid of Mist on the Canadian side and the Journey Behind the Falls on the U.S. side it was better over there.
Absolute favorite thing about the Falls is they illuminate them with bright lights at night, they are just simply beautiful.


debrajo said...

Your baby bump is SO CUTE!

You've had a great last few months, huh? I'm so glad you got to go to Canada for your anniversary! The pictures are gorgeous!


Carol Horn said...

It is great catching up with you guys!! Hope you have a great 6 weeks before the big event! Love carol

Tiffany said...

Looks like you all are doing great! You look so cute pregnant. Can't wait to see pictures of your new little boy.

Aunt Tiff said...

You make such a beautiful little prego chick:) Looks and sounds like LOTS of fun!!!