Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Our Little Burrito!

This was quite the crazy weekend! But, it has been the best weekend of Mike and I's married life. On Sunday June 24, 2012 at 9:00am we welcomed into our little family Hudson Jens Horn. He weighs 7lbs. 5oz. and is 20inches long.

Mike and I couldn't of been happier with the hospital staff, Nurses and Doctors who assisted us during labor and delivery. Everything went great and both the Baby and I are doing well! Little Hudson is SO adorable and I LOVE that he looks so much like Mike. :) Enjoy the fun pictures of this sweet little guy we sure love him and are still can't believe that we are going to be parents for the REST of our life what an exciting and challenging journey this will be. :)

Hudson Jens Horn

Our Adorable Burrito! I love swaddling him!

His little frown!

Mike and I wished we could bring the little hospital cart home with us! :) 

Erin and Hudson's First picture together!

Mike is going to be such an Awesome Dad! (He is going to teach Hudson how to be a Triathlete, be a great scout, how to play Soccer, How to be a good friend, gentlemen, and much more) :) 

Mike and Hudson's First Picture together!

Our little Horn Family! 

Grandma Tenney and Hudson's First Picture Together! Hudson can't wait to meet Grandpa Tenney and Grandma Carol when she comes! :) 

Had to get a picture with my Mom and Little Hudson!

I just love how little he looks here! 


Jamie said...

So sweet Erin! He his beautiful and we are all so happy for you. Maybe Connor will get to meet him when he comes out there. :)


Joan said...

congrats Erin & Mike! I was totally expecting red curly hair on this guy. You are going to be amazing parents!

debrajo said...

Oh how I love him! He's so cute! Tyson and Emmett just looked at these pictures and said, "Hey! That looks just like our baby!"

Hudson is adorable! Tell him we love him! Wish we could be there to squeeze him, too!!!

debrajo said...

I just had to swing by again and look at my little nephew. He's SOOOOOOOOOO cute! I just want to squeeze him! Kiss him for me, K?!


Mike + Lindsay said...

Erin!! Hudson is ADORABLE! Oh my gosh I hope my little girl is at least HALF as cute as him! Congrats Momma! What a special time in your lives :) xoxo

Andelyn Love said...

He's so adorable! Congratulation's again! So glad to see your already getting out. Can't wait to meet the little guy.