Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Today Hudson celebrated his first Forth of July with Mike and I. Our festivities actually began yesterday on the third when we went over to the Mallon's home and ate pulled pork sandwiches and watched fireworks be shot off from the balcony of there home that overlooks a beautiful Golf Course. Mike and I had such a great time with everyone it was great company, good food, and it was nice to see Fireworks without having to sit in a large crowd where people could breath on Hudson. :) Only regret was I forgot to take my camera and take pictures with all the Mallon posterity whom Michael and I love and adore.

 For the actual Forth today Michael and I went on a Picnic with Hudson to Gravelly Point. This park is a lot of fun and literally located right next to the airport so we watched the planes take off and land while also enjoying the view of DC across the Potomac River.

Had to take a picture of Hudson in his adorable Forth of July Blanket that my sister Debra Jo made for him. :) 


debrajo said...

Oh, he's SO cute! I just LOVE him! He looks GREAT on that totally awesome blanket, too. : ) We love and miss you guys! Squeeze Hudson for me!

Mike + Lindsay said...

That blanket is so cute! Debra Jo did a great job. Happy 4th of July! We missed you in Heber this year :(

Lindsay said...

CONGRATULATONS! Oh, your new little guy is precious. I am so happy for you guys. I am glad everything went well with labor and delivery. How is being a new parents? You guys will be great ones:) Hope all continues to go well. Congrats again, Hudson is adorable!