Friday, October 26, 2012

Organization & Preperation

Yesterday was a little crazy. We hopped in the car to leave for work and I realized that the gas tank needed to be filled. I told myself no worries, I will be able to make it to Hudson's daycare and then I can go to a gas station on my way into work. Well, I drop Hudson off and make it to the Gas station and to my surprise I realize I do not have my debit card or any cash. It was then that I realized Gas stations is the one place that will not take a check (makes sense) and if I were to drive all the way home and back to the gas station again I may risk running out of gas and being stranded. Well, with no family around to come rescue me and with only being a one car family. I thought I would risk it.....

Thankfully I made it home and back to the gas station just fine.

I now have an organized purse that allows me to put my debit card back where it belongs and I have $5.00 cash in my ash tray (just in case). I am learning more and more that you can never be too organized or too prepared.

Looks like I will be heading out today to buy some extra food and water to prepare for the Hurricane that is suppose to hit the east coast this Sunday.

Are you prepared?

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debrajo said...

You're so cute. The end. :)