Sunday, August 11, 2013

Where Does The Time Go

2013 has been one of those crazy years, that has been way too busy, however despite the craziness in our lives we have had so many blessings. Rather than write an extremely long blog post because there are so many things I want to say I have decided to take my favorite picture from each month this year and share a quick little tid bit!

It is hard to believe that my sweet little baby was not even crawling yet in this picture.
I was called to serve as an Assistant Director for the Stake Young Women's
We didn't get out much because it was either freezing rain, or lightly snowing

-This first picture describes our house the month of February... SICKNESS
-Poor Hudson caught a stomach virus but thankfully we did not have hydration issues
-The Second picture is of Hudson sleeping in a backpack carrier at the National Aquarium in Baltimore so much fun and worth every penny. Mike and I had a great time.
-The last picture in this sequence is my favorite even though it was the most stressful, Mike caught the stomach virus after Hudson and literally could not keep anything down not even water. The result ER visit and IV. After many hours Hudson finally fell asleep and I noticed for the first time that he and Mike literally look the same even when sleeping. It was a peaceful moment amongst the stress and I was thankful to my Heavenly Father for this precious moment. 

-Mike ran his first marathon and Hudson and I were there to cheer him on, it was so nice because one of my prior Young Women came along with us, it was really nice to have someone to watch the race with and talk too.
- Yes, crazy weather in D.C. the second photo is snow in March here which normally doesn't happen, however I was so happy because I was able to put Hudson in his adorable snow suit and snap a picture.
-My Best Friend Kaylene came to visit and so did my Mother in-law we had a great time and it was so nice to have them visit.

Was filled with so many fun events
-The first three photo's are at the White House for the Easter Egg Roll, we had such a fun time and are so grateful to have a chance to enjoy this event with one of Mike's friends. Thanks again!
-The fourth photo down is at the Cherry Blossom Festival, however the blossoms were so late this year they did not bloom until after the festival was over so we took pictures in front of these beautiful Magnolia Tree's that were in bloom.
-Photo five Heber and Jodi came to visit us for a weekend and boy did we have a great time and did not waste any minute of any day. Hudson was so excited to see them.
-Photo six and seven are at a Tulip Festival that Mike and I took Hudson to, we had a lot of fun and they even had little chicks there that Hudson could not get enough of.
-And, I almost forgot April was when I got in an accident a man totally rear ended me at a red light...

-Mike and I celebrated our six year anniversary by going to one of our favorite places... THE BEACH!
-Hudson of course came along because it was also our first family trip to the beach to kick off the summer.
-The last four sets of pictures are us picking Strawberry's at a farm, they were DELICIOUS! At first Hudson was enjoying trying to eat the rocks then he realized how yummy the Strawberry's were and gobbled them right up.

-Our little baby boy is not so little anymore, he turned 1!
-Hudson's Grandparent's came to visit for this special occasion and we had such a great time with them.

-Finally the Month of July came and Young Women's Camp was a success, the girls all had a great time and despite quite a few injuries we had nothing was too terribly serious.
-The second picture is the mural the girls got to paint on the new hobbit house that was built. (three girls designed it and everyone had a chance to help paint it)
-The third picture is of the tree houses we stayed in while camping, it was so much fun and I want to take my family back we had such a great time.
-Pictures 4-7 are our trip to NYC, we couldn't end the summer without visiting this fun city this year, My Mother in-law was so wonderful she stayed with us for an entire month to help before I left for camp, while I was at camp and then even after I got back from camp. I don't know what I would have done with out her help. I love you Carol, thanks for everything you truly are so much fun and I love being your favorite daughter in-law. :) 

-Here is Hudson helping Mike pack for their big trip to Arizona together. After a busy July it was really nice to have the entire house to myself for a whole week and a half while Mike and Hudson went to go play with friends and family in Arizona. It also gave my parents a chance to see Hudson at the age of 1, it really is such a fun stage in a child's life and I am glad they got to play with him.
-The last set of pictures are Mike in San Diego with my family for the infamous Guys Trip that they try to take every year. This was his first time going on this trip and he had such a great time, even better we were thankful for family to take care of Hudson so Mike could play and I could relax at home. (my favorite picture is the last one of Mike grabbing a breath of air before the wave takes him out). :)
-I have taken pictures but am too lazy to download them I got a lot a sewing done while Mike was gone and now I love my house that much more because of it. 

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debrajo said...

We love you so much! What an awesome year you've had so far! I just want to be with you all the time--you do SO MANY FUN THINGS! You're an awesome little family! You have the most darling little boy--I wonder if your next baby is going to look like a cookie cutter or what--either way, I'm sure your next kid is going to be DARLING, too!

Love ya!