Thursday, October 3, 2013

My favorite month of the year!

I have to say September is by far my absolute favorite month out of the entire year! Probably because it is my Birthday month! This year was extra, extra special because for my birthday my Sister and her adorable family came to visit me in DC! It seriously was perfect, and on top of it she was here when we found out what we are having! Just when I thought life couldn't get any better my husband and I went to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for a family vacation before the month was over as well! So I had quite an exciting Birthday month and feel so blessed for all the amazing things in my life. I thank Heavenly Father for the precious moments and memories that all of these experiences have brought to me in my life. I would be lost without my Savior and feel blessed for all the amazing people in my life. 


debrajo said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE all of these! You're such a fantastic sister! Thanks for hosting our stay, and cleaning up after us, and feeding us, and for the wonderful memories! I love you so much!

It was awesome to spend so much time at the Nation's capitol with you. Little did we know that wouldn't have been a reality just a short week and a half later. God bless America, and may it ever stand!

debrajo said...

P.S. Where are the Cabo pics? :) I just see the Delaware beaches in this post! BTW, did you realize that not many people can say they've been to the Atlantic AND Pacific Ocean within a week's time frame (so fun).

Erin Horn said...

Ha Ha that is funny about the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean with in a week of each other! I realized I would really overload everyone with pictures because I had so many more DC pictures from your visit that I wanted to post but there would have been over 100 of them because they were all so fun. So, I had to pick my favorite, favorite! :) lol The Cabo pictures will need there very own post. :)