Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Life is Good!

Just when you think life can't get any better it does. It doesn't take much to make me happy really, it truly is the small and simple things in life that makes life truly sweet. Although Mike and I are both tired of the little time we have each day as a family (mainly because we only have a couple of hours with Hudson before bed each day to truly play with him and be together as a family Monday through Friday) there are still those little quiet moments that make my heart swell with joy and gratitude for the moments we do have together reguardless of their length.

Here are some of my favorite photographs of our sweet moments over the past couple of weeks.
Mike bought this stuffed dog for Hudson and he loves it so much it gets carried all around our house!
Hudson has been obsessed with the tape measure, in fact I recently had to hide it because he would not give it up when we needed to use it for something.
Our little Minion for Halloween, I made his costume and everything!
Hudson is so curious and is SO aware of his surroundings, when we put up decorations while he was sleeping that was the first thing he noticed when we went outside for the first time. Here he is discovering the candle inside the pumpkin (don't worry it wasn't lit).
I was Lucy from Dispicable Me 2, Mike was Gru and Hudson was our Minion
Maybe someday I will get around to covering this rocking chair; there is adorable polk a dotted fabric at Hancock fabrics I just haven't had the time or extra funds to go and purchase it. I love this picture though beceause Hudson loves his stuffed animals and has to have them when rocking him to sleep; I love it because they are almost as big as he is and it is precious to watch him cart them around.
When is Hudson not sitting on Mike or jumping on his back. I love this picture because Mike was just hanging out on the floor and Hudson brought him a book and sat right down; Mike had to be creative and guess what pictures he was looking at and make up a story about it at the same time.
The two pictures above are of Hudson sitting on things again, he loves to sit on random things or things that are his size. At first I thought the picture of Hudson on the cables were electrical cables but Mike promises they go to a bridge at a park they were recently at.
Right now this is my favorite maternity shirt because it is pink and I am having a girl, I have always liked the color pink but have never been one to truly wear it this is the first pink shirt I have actually purchased for myself that is this vibrant and that I actually wear often and enjoy it.
Mike and I have enjoyed going to football games for one of his young men at church. Even though it was cold it is fun to bundle up and wrap Hudson up as well.
Our sweet Hudson on the Teeter Todder with his Dad; look at that face I love it!
Family Hike and my two handsome boys! (top picture) Hudson once again sitting all on his own; ha ha I just can't get enough of his adorable personality

This has been Hudson's routine every single day after we get home from work; we can't go inside until he has had a chance to sit upfront and press the hazard light button and put his hands on the wheel!

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debrajo said...

Hudson is so cute! I love that he shoved his face down in the pumpkin - that is hilarious!

And I ADORE the minion costume! SO CUTE!

Love you guys!