Friday, June 3, 2016

Stop Lying to Yourself

Spoiler Alert:

Me Before You

Tonight I decided to go see the movie "Me Before You", the previews portrayed it as a love story between two individuals who against all odds are making life better for themselves and for each other. I thought, sounds nice, looks romantic, looks clean something to walk away feeling good about. As the movie begins to unfold, Will's caretaker Lou falls in love with him for who he is a quadriplegic smart man who is trying to find happiness in life. Throughout the story we find out that Will is going to give his life 6 more months for his parents sake and then will undergo a procedure of assisted suicide in a medical facility in Switzerland. When Lou finds out she has already fallen in love with Will for who he is now and not what he was before his accident. She decides to not tell Will that she knows the horrifying truth and loves him anyway trying to make him see that life is possible for the two of them that is happy, full of love, joy and experiences together. Will, loves Lou as well and multiple times expresses that she is what makes him want to get out of his wheel chair and walk and makes his life full. In essence Lou filled that void for Will and you can see he is a happier man with her and she a happier woman with him. Despite their love for one another Will tells Lou that he can't hold her back in life and is going to go through with the procedure anyways Lou proclaims "You are a selfish man Will Trainor and I wish I would have never met you, my heart is here in front of you giving you all that I have and it has been crushed". The story ends with Will having an assisted passing in Switzerland and him leaving her money to go live her life by taking trips around the world for sometime.

I was crushed, I can't stand to see individuals who have potential, love, support, hope, a brighter future and then to see them choose unhappiness or non fulfillment. Since when is it ever okay regardless of what we are going through to just want to choose to end our own lives. We are human I understand and are not perfect, but with being human that also means we have the best strength to fight our worst selves, we are each worth fighting for no matter how horrible our circumstances are.

If there are any of you out there who are thinking, I can just not bare another day in my shoes, it's too hard to wake up and be me and be in so much pain the world would be a better and happier place without me. I want to tell you, STOP TELLING YOURSELF SUCH LIES...YOU are WRONG... the World NEEDS YOU! There are people out there who are effected by your goodness, by your personality, by your presence that have better lives because of you. Don't crush the hearts of those that selflessly love you, care for you, want to be your friend, who are fighting for you. "For behold, the worth of a soul is great in the sight of God". That means YOU, your soul is great in the sight of God and to all those around you.

For those of you struggling with this, I challenge you to go try something new today that brings light into your life. Surround yourself by those who are bright, go do something nice for a friend, believe in yourself and most importantly do something that helps you to start loving yourself again because your life is worth living.  We need you, the world needs you and God needs you.

Those are my feelings, now go out and do something good for yourself today for you and don't be selfish be selfless and see what happens when you put You Before Me.

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