Sunday, May 16, 2010

Celebrate Good Time Come On!

Mike officially graduated from Arizona State University on Saturday May 15, 2010 at the Wells Fargo Arena. He graduated Suma Cum-Laude witha Bachelor of Arts in History and Culture from the College of Letters and Sciences. I am so proud of him and all of his hard work this past three years. Michael has had the opportunity to be involved on the ASU campus putting on programs for the student body along with keeping a full time job and attending school full time. Way to go Mike for a job well done.

He is so adorable in his cap and gown! Here he is grabbing his diploma.

I am so in love with this man. He looks so smart! :)

Rachael, Angie, Kris, Michael, Erin and Carol after connvocation.

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Lindsay said...

Great pictures Erin! Congrats to Mike and his Mom for graduating and doing a job well done!!! It's an amazing feeling! Good luck in DC! I'll miss you :)