Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In Loving Memory

Today is a bitter sweet day, my loving grandmother Wanda Peterson Tenney passed away. Although, we are sad that she is no longer with us I am forever grateful for her legacy she has left behind. My sweet Grandmother has left me the following:

A wonderful Dad who lives and loves the gospel

To have Endurance no matter what your trial

Have Faith in the Heavenly Father and in Jesus Christ

To Love the scriptures and to read from them

That every Prayer is heard

To say I love you to family and give them a hug when ever you see them

To support one another

To eat your Vegitables :)

To Pray for those who have offended you or wronged you

To go to Church and serve faithfully in your callings

To go to the temple regularly and often

Given me a fun family with tons of unlces and aunts and cousins to love and cherish

Thank you Grandma for all you have done for me you will be missed but your great legacy will live on in my heart and be passed down to my family for generations to come. I love you.


debrajo said...

That's a great picture of you and Grandma! She looks great in it, and so do you! I love her and the legacy she left us. I am glad you have some of the same memories I have of her from when we were little, of her babysitting us when mom and dad went on trips, and the way we would play with her soft & wrinkly skin. Haha! Those were good days! I laughed at the part about eating your vegitables! She happened to dump out an entire pitcher of Kool Aid that I made one time when she was watching us because it had too much sugar in it. I couldn't believe it. She was such a wonderful grandma! We're lucky to call her our own!

I love you, Erin!

Lindsay said...

How sweet Erin! That is a GREAT picture. I loved to hear the stories of your Grandma from Deej. I hope you tell your kids about her :)