Friday, July 23, 2010

"All Around The World Statue's Crumble For Me"

When driving across the country on a new and big adventure I couldn't help but have a song to sing for every state we entered...... Yes, funny and strange but I love music and I LOVE to sing...... Mike would laugh at me every time we entered a new state and would say "What song do you have this time?" Here are my following suggestions to sing if you ever drive across the U.S.
New Mexico > Out on the open road (from a goofy movie)
Texas> I was too excited for Texas so practically sang "Home on the Range" the whole way there
Oklahoma> The musical (O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A where the wind comes right behind the rain)
Tennessee> Too excited for Memphis, TN I kept singing the song (Walking in Memphis)
North Carolina>
Virginia> Didn't have a song.... :)

Ok, so technically I only had a total of FOUR songs I sang going across the country! :) I swear I sang more.... :) Maybe not! Anyways, if you ever drive across the country and come up with any songs to sing for AK, NC, or VA..... let me know. Until then hope you enjoy all the pictures from our FABULOUS road trip. Love you all, miss you all, can't wait for everyone to visit and can't wait for our vacation back home. :) Enjoy our road trip..... :)

The first Bug Ker.... SPLAT.... for our big move :) yummy...

Ok, so this is the funniest trailer we saw going to VA.... HUGE camper thing in the bed of a tiny pick up truck... and not to mention that the poor thing has probably seen better days. :)

He is so cute when he is sleeping! :)

Flat Texas..... :)
Yes... this is the 72oz. steak that you get for free if you eat it all.... Along with all the garnishing s...

I love this picture.... we look like two little kids in this rocking chair.... really the rocking chair is GINORMOUS!!!

Yummy fudge from The Big Texan.... mine is the small piece on top and Mike's is the large piece on bottom..... the girl who cut the fudge had a thing for Mike... hence the extra little piece in the box given to him.... we laughed about it for an hour and Mike said "well, what can I say.... I'm hot" :)
I call this the "Come to Jesus cross".... :) This thing was HUGE... this just goes to show that Everything is literally BIGGER in Texas. :)

The FBI building that was bombed during the Oklahoma city bombing..... very sad.....

Letting Kaiser stretch... He LOVES the tall green grass... :)

This is what you get when you ask other people to take a picture for you.... :) Mike and I thought it was so funny how we asked her to get a picture of us next to the sign and yet she was going for just a picture of us visiting Arkan. :)

The good old Mississippi River... :)

The state line for Tenessee and Arkansas is in the middle of the Mississippi River, so they had the sign on the huge bridge while crossing it. :)

Huge pyramid in Memphis.... random but cool. :)

The famous Beale Street where Elvis would perform... :)

These huge sports balls are made out of cement.... They are located outside the Basketball arena downtown Memphis.

Just a cool wall I found downtown Memphis....

A Civil War site in Nashville....
Mike and I at one of the lookout points at a Civil War site.... Isn't it crazy how you can see so much of Nashville behind us....

Kaiser resting from having so much fun with our friends dog Duke in Nashville.... :) Duke reminds me of the dog off of the movie Pocahontas. :)

Someone found Uncle Mike's glasses while he was getting ready for church... :) They are so ADORABLE... I love these girls sooooo much. :)

These girls just LOVE Kaiser... They told us that they want a dog like him.... Sorry Tiff and Nate if the girls ask for a dog a lot after we leave.... :)
So photogenic... :) I love her freckels...
Love her smile....

The girls thought it would be fun for all of us to take turns racing around the two large tree's in front of there house... Of course the girls have an advantage for being shorter than us and being able to cut the corners quicker... First it was the girls turn then it was Nate's turn to race each of the girls and then Uncle Mike's turn to race each of the girls and then my favorite the girls suggested that Uncle Mike and Daddy race.... That was my favorite one to watch.... :)

He loves his Uncle Mike.... He grinned so big for the picture.... :)



debrajo said...

Hey, Erin! Cute! You need to go back and edit out some spaces between those pictures, haha! Love you!

Shalyn and Cooper said...

you two look like you are having so much fun- im jealous! Glad to know you are doing well, keep posting:-) Miss you already!

Aunt Tiff said...

Thanks for sharing all your pics!!! Glad you made it there two are amazing!!!