Friday, July 30, 2010


Well, yesterday was my Brother in laws Birthday... yes, sadly he will always be older than me and bigger than me. Even though I am hundreds of miles a way... he still manages to tease me and look out for me.. as big brothers should. So, hope you enjoy the following...

M ishievous
I ntellectual
T houghtful
C aring
H ard worker
E nthusiastic
L oud
L ovable

Despite his savvy way of teasing and ridiculously great game playing skills, underneath it all he is all the words and much more described above, Happy Birthday Mitch, Hope it's a good one!

Always trying to be the Big Tough Little Brother

Always excited when he acomplishes great things!

Always a proud and loving Father and Spouse!
Favorite picture of this year! Mitch love's Mike so much that he enjoys holding his hand from time to time. :) Just kidding it just looks as if they are holding hands, these two are best buds. :) 


Lindsay said...

The last picture is CLASSIC! Happy Birthday Mitch!! You're so sweet to post about your family's bdays. Hope DC is treatin' you guys well!! :)

debrajo said...

HAHAHAHA! I think your blog title is so clever! Mitch will LOVE reading this!

We love you guys!

Mitch said...

Thanks Erin you guys are awesome. By the way if you look at that last picture you will notice Mike has his hand on mine, he made the first move.