Monday, September 20, 2010

The Perfect Birthday

Gratitude, joy and peace filled my heart this weekend as I survived my first Birthday ever in my life away from close family and friends. There is something about being away from family that creates this huge bond between one another. I feel my love and appreciation has grown so much more for family and close friends since I do not have the opportunity to see them everyday. I realize the deep importance of a single phone call, a letter sent in the mail, and the outward expressions of love for one another.

So, hence my Perfect Birthday went something like this...

Friday evening: 

My sweet husband threw a party for me and invited co-workers and friends we have recently met. I am so grateful and thankful for the hours of preparation done by my husband for this event, baking a cake for me, cleaning the house, running errands so we would have enough food for everyone and then a wonderful evening of fun planned.  Then the amount of people that came to get to know us better meant so much to me... I will be forever grateful for the time they each took to come over and spend an evening with us. 

Saturday "The Birthday":

Breakfast made by the adorable husband I had my absolute favorite Eggs and toast with a side of fruit. 
Then a walk to the park with our dog where our dog for once watched Mike and I play catch. :)

Lunch time not only did I enjoy a sandwich but had fun opening Birthday packages sent by family!

A walk down King Street in Old Town where my sweet husband was so kind to let our conversation be girl talk... :) Our conversations consisted of food, fashion, makeup, decoration ideas and aspirations, photography, and then to top it off he sweetly asked how I was coping with my first birthday away from family and friends. (This all happened during walking down King St., dinner, and the trip back home)

We then arrived home and enjoyed watching a movie on our lap top, outback next to our new fire pit. 


Delicious treats made by Julie during young women's and happy birthday sung by the young women. 

A fun visit from my new visiting teacher

Then skyping my parents and giving them a tour of our house and talking to my sister and nephews
Cards from family and friends
Can not celebrate a birthday with out D.C. cupcakes! :)
Remnants of Delicious cake mike made for me Friday night....
Breakfast Saturday morning...

Needed at least one picture of us for my Birthday...
Cute October decorations from my family

Perfectly decorated travel size Book of Mormon from Debra Jo I LOVE it....
An Adorable home made Birthday sign to last me for a life time... :) 

Thank you everyone for such a GREAT Birthday! I love you!


debrajo said...

So glad you enjoyed the WHOLE weekend! That's the way a birthday should be!

Just a thought...I think the bond you were talking about was already there--it's something about being a family that makes us inseparable despite the distance between us, and it's always been a part of our family's connection. But, I think it's the distance that reminds families to appreciate what you've got when you're together instead of taking it for granted. We love and miss you, too!

debrajo said...

So cute! ; )