Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trunk or Treat

So, last night was our wards Trunk or Treat. It was so much fun. I went as "A Local" and Mike went as an Eskimo... We didn't actually attend the Trunk or Treat together because Mike kinda didn't go.

Mike had the opportunity to be an eskimo at heart while he slept out in the forty degree weather for an overnight Scout Master Camp Out Training meeting... :) I hope he is having fun and enjoying using his awesome new camping gear that he bought at REI for a STEAL...

REI each year has this awesome ATTIC sale where they sell their returned items for amazing prices...

He will get back later on today and I can't wait to see him.

BACK to the Trunk or Treat, it was so much fun I got a ride with Courtney and Sam, they have this ADORABLE little 2 year old Bria my favorite quotes from her last night...

" I a Ballerina... I am a pretty Ballerina... "

" We are going to a party "

"Mommy, party... (points at a classroom door in the church building) party? (points at another door and then begins running to the next door) party? " It was so cute she was so excited for the halloween party she was running down the hall pointing at each door saying party trying to find the cultural hall where the real party was going on :)

" Mommy I need you to open this tooth brush, because Erin is cold "

We had so much fun, everyone looked great, the kids in our ward got enough candy to last them two weeks, and we went to a little diner for treats after the ward trunk or treat with some friends where we danced to tunes we picked from the juke box and enjoyed people's comical stares at us dressed up in our halloween costumes.

Thanks Courtney, Sam, Bria, Mauri, and Josh for such a great time last night...

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debrajo said...

What does using a toothbrush have to do with being cold? LOL Kids are so cute!

Good job, Mike, being an Eskimo--I'll bet you felt it. : )