Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!!!

Mike and I had the opportunity to visit Rachael and Eric in Madison, Wisconsin this year for Thanksgiving. We had such a great time enjoying the cold crisp air and the beautiful architecture of Madison and Chicago!!! :) Hope you enjoy the pictures! :)
At DCA Air Port waiting to leave... The ceiling was really cool!
Tummy Time! 7 week old baby Robert, Rachael and Carol... He enjoys his fan club rooting him on while on his stomach, he doesn't even squawk while hanging out on the floor with us. 
Robert chillin on his stomach
Proud Grandma
Favorite Aunt... oops did I just say that out loud! :) (just kidding Tiff and Ang)
I really hope he has red hair ;) 
He is so beautiful... what sweet blessings from Heaven above these little spirits are.
Grandpa has the magic touch... so does Grandma... this little guy just loves these two
Art Museum, as you can see in the photograph this building has these large pins that connect the two sides of the building allowing the building to shift and bend when needed. I didn't take a picture of the phenomenal view of Madison while looking out these glass walls. 
Glass Stair case... coolest thing ever!
Capital in Madison, reminds me of our Nations Capital.
Eric explaining the architecture and art on the roof top of this building and of surrounding buildings

I love these guys... what a great family we have... wish Nate were here to complete the picture.

I've always wanted to wear one of these... I'm a cheese head, and I love to eat cheese especially in Wisconsin where they are known for deliciousness.
Lake Mendodo located next to the University. 

Our smiles ended up freezing to our face :) 
The Capital is beautiful inside
Grandpa enjoying his time with his little grandson
Preparing for Thanksgiving Dinner
Table is almost ready...
Tummy Time before the big meal... :)
He is so strong for only being seven weeks old
Uncle Mike and one of his favorite nephews...
Carol making her delicious home made roles which were half way gone by the end of dinner...
Now we are ready to eat... :) 
The Wonderful Host, Hostess, and Mini Host
Traditional Turkey carving... great job Eric
This is my Beautiful sister in-law Rachael... I love her so much and admire her for all of her accomplishments, hard work, and perseverance. She is the sweetest and most sentimental person you will ever meet.  
Little Roberts favorite way to be held ... :) He is SO stinking cute!
The Family
The Family
Mike experimenting with different angles... They actually are a lot of fun!

Playing with the timer on the camera... :) 
We went for a hike on Friday it was beautiful and cold... but lots of fun and great time to be with family. 

A Big Hawk... 

Saturday Eric and Rachael had the idea for us all to go to Chicago.... It is only a two and a half hour drive from Madison... :) 
Frank Loyd Wright Robie Home built in 1910 beautiful architecture for that day and age well ahead of its time...

On the portch of the Robie home...

Sky Scraper Fun... let me introduce you to THE BEAN....

The Bean... Creates a fun feel of the city and creates literally hours of fun for Mike and Erin... :) We were so facinated with this thing...

The Champaign Bottle Building... 
Check out the frozen water on this water tower.
Chicago has many, many layers of transportation roads underneath roads and subways above the roads... here is a shot where you can see the layering of roads. 
A cool clock tower...
I love walking under the L train, it just looks so cool. 

L Train

Love this Chicago sign

Outside the art museum 

Inside of the art museum 
Made it back to Madison safe and sound.
Little Robert and his Proud Daddy

We had such a great time and enjoyed many memories to reflect on for a lifetime. :) 


Carol Horn said...

We had so much fun. Great pictures love you guys

debrajo said...

Wow! What an awesome trip! Looks like it was a blast. I'm jealous of all the culture you're gaining by wearing things like Cheese Hats and visiting cool museums. : ) I'm so glad you got to spend Thanksgiving with family!

BTW, you took enough pictures of your little nephew Robert that someone could have mistaken him for your own little guy. I wonder how many pictures you'll be taking of your own children someday...hmmm. : ) He really is adorable.