Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sweet Laughter...

So, tonight Mike makes a fabulous Beef stir fry with rice noodles in peanut thai sauce for us while I am out walking the dog in the twenty degree weather. (I volunteered myself for this as I didn't want to make dinner :) We have a delicious dinner filled with each of our own recap of the day. I finish my dinner before Mike come back to the table to sit down while he finishes his food. I notice our dog Kaiser has been sitting a good foot from Mike begging for some thai food.

It is at this moment Mike looks at Kaiser and says "Sorry you do not get any of this Asian food your German" "I'll give you a brought worst next time we have them" I then lose myself in laughter. Mike turns to me and says "I love making you laugh even if it is not that funny" I think this comment is hilarious and love my husband for every time he makes me smile, giggle, and enjoy life. He is my forever.

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debrajo said...

Mike is a keeper! I'm so glad that you two have each other. Make every day a fun day...I'll bet that Mike thinks you're just as hilarious, though. Who in their right mind wants to take a walk in 20 degree weather just to avoid making dinner? Wow. He was the one laughing as you left, I'm sure. : )