Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Welcome to my new life!

Having a little baby has brought added joy into Michael and I's life. I never knew that I could love someone else as much as my husband. Little Hudson is just SO cute and I can't get enough of him. However being a Mom is not a cake walk by any means and all the years of being a Nanny and working with children has not made me a professional. Being a Mother is definitely a new adjustment and brings many new experiences to my life. Here is a list of what is new in my life:

I am officially an ASU Alumni and have obtained my Bachelor's Degree in Family and Human Development. This brings me the most joy and words can not describe the joy I feel each day knowing that I have an education. I take pride in this as I finished my degree two weeks after having Hudson and the last two weeks of school for me were the most difficult. I realized how hard it would be to be a Mother going to school and admire all Mom's that have gone back to get there degree. It takes a lot of dedication and will power to be able to go to school and study when there are little one's that depend so much on you. I am so proud to be a first generation college student and can't wait to teach little Hudson the joy that learning brings and the importance of having an education. It has been a long and challenging five years with different road bumps in the way but I am so glad that I stuck it out and obtained my degree. Well worth it!

I've never been so tired in my life and realize that the only way to keep going is through prayer. I have never relied on my Heavenly Father so much and it feels great to have a better relationship with him.

I call Hudson Squirt because he literally squirts on everything... I have never been peed on so much in my life and am able to find joy in this matter only in the fact that Hudson gets to show off more of his adorable outfits that he owns. I wish life could be one big dress up party for me where I could show off five outfits in a day.

I never would have thought that I would be SO excited to find a laundry detergent for my husbands work out clothes. His work out clothes smell so good after coming out of the washer and dryer that I have to refraine myself from smelling them too much. I love Tide Sports Wash. :)

I have Me time again! I don't have very much of it but now that I am done with school I finally have time to do things that I enjoy doing. I have began running and enjoy it so much. It feels great to work out again. I can't wait to fit back into my clothes pre pregnancy.

Goals and Ambitions for the remainder of this year:
Take more pictures
Start learning German
Complete Finacial Peace University

Enjoy some of our most recent photos below! :)
 On the way home from the Hospital Hudson 2 days old
 He loves sleeping sideways in his swing! :)
 First Trip to Fro Yo in DC 3 weeks old
 Sleeping with Dad after a long day of work.
 First Trip to the Beach
 Hudson's Baby Blessing
 I made his bow tie! :)
 Hudson's first trip to North Carolina
 Hudson meets his cousin Miles in AZ
 Cousin Sleep Over
 I love my little guy!
 I love those cheeks
 Hudson Only Smiles for Sparky Fans
Hudson 1 Month Old

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debrajo said...

I love this post. Great post.

"Cousin Sleepover" should have been my blog post title when I posted that same pic of our boys sleeping. Haha!

You're a great mom, Chiten!