Monday, August 25, 2008

Burton Family Reunion

Mike and Chealsea hanging out on Grampa Burton's hammock!

Michael and I at the top of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint's headquaters. We had such a fun time. It was really neat to look over the Salt Lake valley and find different landmarks and buildings we knew of!

We had the opporrunity of meeting Eric's wonderful family in the middle of the week before we headed up to Bear Lake. His parents home is absolutly gorgeous. they live on the mountain in Salt Lake and their home is shaded by tons of beautiful trees, shrubs, and is surrounded by lush green grass. The neatest thing about their home is Eric's dad designed it himself and his mothers art work just lights up the home. We had a really nice time and Eric and Rachael prepared a delicious meal.

Wyoming??? Yeah that is what we said! Well, during the reunion we had a competition called the amazing race. So, our cousin's and Michael and I decided to load up in Aunt Eva's car and drive to all the designated destinations. Well, we were in the lead until we took the wrong Junction 89 and ended up in Wyoming. It was pretty funny actually we were so sure that "Tom Tom" (Mike and I's handy GPS?) was right. But, come to find out Andy our cousing was smarter than the Tom Tom he origionally told us to go the opposite direction and we all choose to listen to a GPS! It was worth the detour. Now we can all say we have been to Wyoming! And, in the process we were able to dodge 3 crazy squirells that ran across the highway!
Aubriana, Aunt Erin, Chealsea!

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