Friday, August 29, 2008

It's a BOY!!!

Yes, it is a Boy! Our new German Short haired pointer! Kaiser! He is so much fun. As of today he is 12 weeks old. We got him on July 30, 2008. He was 8 weeks ol at the time. It is so funny because even though we have only had him for four weeks he has gotten a lot bigger. This picture to the right was right after we got him!

Here is Kaiser slepping! On the floor at our house. Thankfully we didn't find him chewing Mike's shoes he soon discovered that a few weeks later!

Kaiser and I at the park! This is my favorite picture of him! His tounge is so long! ha ha lol
Kaiser again! Posing for the camera

Mike and Kaiser sleeping on Sunday before church. And, no we do not let him sleep in our bed with us. Even though it looks like it in the picture. He is only allowed on the couch or bed by invetation. He is doing pretty well with understanding invite only rule.


lindsay said...

HAHA!! I thought you were pregnant and I was so upset Debra Jo didn't until me UNTIL I saw it was your dog. Haha! Cute dog! I want a Maltese puppy. Maybe someday. I'm so glad you started blogging again! I got your sister hooked! My site is Come and visit me sometime.

Eric and Addie said...

Hows it going? Your new dog is so cute! I remember mine and Eric's dog and I have such good memories of him.
Are ya staying busy as ever? Knowing you I am sure that you are! Hope you are all doing good. Can I add you to my list?
See ya!

debrajo said...

It's finally official. You now belong to the stereotypical part of the group you belong know what I'm talking about. You're part of the "We-don't-have-a-kid-but-we-have-a-dog Club." SCARY!!!! I will admit, Keiser is a cute one, though.